About Techsylvania 2017

Welcome to Techsylvania, the leading technology event in Eastern Europe that gathers tech enthusiasts and business people to connect, hack and share ideas. We meet every year in Cluj-Napoca, the city known as the heart of Transylvania, Lonely Planet’s top region in the world for 2016.

Looking for funding? Do you want to build a tech product? Are you up to hacking connected devices? Opportunities await you here at Techsylvania.

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Connected devices

The Conference

June 19-20

We have invited creative minds, technologists and innovators from all around the world at each edition of Techsylvania to infuse and disperse inspiration, ideas and knowledge.
If you want to listen to disruptive technology speakers delivering insights into what the future may actually be like, learn from successful entrepreneurs who practice both failure and success, have coffee with investors, meet the hottest startups in the zone or simply recharge your battery by socializing with your peers, you should not to miss Techsylvania 2017.

Our 2017 Speakers

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Some of our Previous Speakers

Connected Devices Hackathon

June 17-18

Innovation is the key to the future’s door. We welcome it at our event by inviting developers at our annual hackathon to play with the latest in connected & IoT. If you’re a creative maker, you have the opportunity to code on connected devices in order to generate promising projects that can become tomorrow’s successful tech products.

Some of our Hackathon Devices

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Startup Avalanche

Starting with Techsylvania 2016, we add another layer to our community event: a much requested event dedicated to startups. Therefore, Techsylvania presents you Startup Avalanche, an ice-breaking competition for startups that speak business.

To start with, you need to be working on a scalable product, have a real team and to be up to the challenge that can bring you international awareness and rewards.

Convince our jury that your startup is the next big thing and you can win the grand prize: a hitchhike to Silicon Valley to meet your future investor!

Where do i sign up?
Lucian Blaga Square, no. 1-3 Cluj-Napoca, Romania