Shahar Nechmad

Co-Founder & CTO at Novus Summit & Credit Sciences

Shahar is the co-founder of Novus Summit, bringing together the world post exceptional people to solve the world biggest problems. Shahar is also the co-founder and CTO of Credit Sciences, a startup company revolutionizing the credit cards market in the U.S.
Shahar integrates more than 20 years of experience in technology, marketing and business development with his passion for building big, world-changing ideas. He has lived and worked in 8 countries, starting multiple startups, as well as consulting and working with some of the largest tech companies in the world. Among them, you can find Microsoft, eBay, Salesforce, Google, the UK government, Accenture as well as many early stage startups.

Shahar has written and delivered numerous courses and lectures on programming and development methodologies. He is a frequent speaker in conferences around the world talking about emerging technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship.